Romanoff Elements is a New York based company that brings select art & design elements together with the individualized needs of each client.

Carol Romanoff is an Art Consultant and Artist’s Representative. She works with private clients, interior designers and retailers on both residential and commercial projects. Carol assists them by editing the creative elements: fine art photography, paintings, prints, sculpture and accessories. She selects the pieces that are “just right” for each project, with a focus on reflecting a clients’ personal preferences or a business’ professional profile. 

Carol explores a variety of artworks to provide options for her clients. In the process, she will arrange studio visits, provide digital mock-ups and encourage clients to see art in their own environment, home or office. Carol suggests artworks to compliment and enhance each clients interiors spaces, partnering with her clients to find art that suits their tastes, reflect their visions and respects their budgets. Ultimately, it is a collaborative process. 

She works with retailers and other venues to provide and rotate art that complements their merchandise and business, offering their customers access to original artwork.

Carol’s education and experience in design, fashion, art and art history, textile design and home décor provide the context that enable her to bring a client’s vision to life.