Armonk Outdoor Art Show // Paintings by Janet Mait

Also this week, we’re preparing for the 50th Armonk Outdoor Art Show this weekend. Janet Mait will be showing paintings from her New Shoes Collection. The event is sponsored by the Friends of the North Castle Library. The event supports the library, it has become a Fall ‘go to’ event for many.

It’s been raining while the tents were being set up today and the forecast is not great for the weekend...its a well-attended show and a great way to spend a Fall weekend. So, hoping for some sun, or at least a break from the rain. Several months ago, Janet and I talked about and planned for the Armonk Art Show, its very different from a gallery setting. When we spoke again recently, she talked about preparing to paint and planning for the outdoor show.

“I begin my day by biking through Central Park to the Art Students League …when I  get to the studio I set up. then eat my lunch contemplating and planning my next move. Often, I use my headset and listen to Opera at the same time.  The combination of the exercise, the thrill of biking in NYC, my music, all contribute to an exhilarating feeling when I paint.

After having a show in Chelsea….I am looking forward to the very different venue of the Armonk Arts Fair…another opportunity to share.”

We are both looking forward to a fun, new experience...and hopefully a dry one!

Janet's positive energy comes through her work, through the vibrant colors and strong compositions. I enjoy seeing the responses the paintings elicit, “...they’re happy paintings” and “they make me smile!” are typical comments. This speaks to Janet and how she has come through a difficult time in her life with strength and optimism.