Unconventional Nature // Paintings by Andrea Bonfils

Andrea is an award-winning artist whose paintings offer an innovative and unique approach while reflecting her life’s experiences.  Andrea's inspiration comes from the natural world. She breaks from artistic traditions, yet, certain influences can be seen in her work, such as the colors of Wolf Kahn, the water of Monet or movement of Van Gogh.

We met last year and I was immediately drawn to her creative artwork and unique applications of traditional painting materials. Andrea’s unconventional techiniques results in beautiful color, depth and texture in her paintings.  With a reverence for the organic, Andrea utilizes mostly oils and encaustics with some mixed media to realize her individualized look.

Using unconventional hardware, a blow torch, iron and other heated tools, along with paper and natural materials, she emulates her subjects' movement, drama and complexity as she glazes or layers wax over photographs, photo transfers or meticulously renders subjects lost in a waxy fog. Andrea's uncommon painting techniques and personal style results in work that are intense, mysterious and ethereal.

Andrea paints what she enjoys most in nature, skylines, water, divers, surfers, trees and horses.

Nest Inspired Home in Rye, NY, a beautifully edited home shop, will feature Andrea’s work at an event they are sponsoring, along with Serendipity Magazine and Crop Organic Vodka  for the Westchester Children’s Museum.  Bets Miller, Wendy Williams, and Aly Drew of Rye, opened the home decor shop in November and have created a wonderful environment to sell home furnishings, accessories and art. I am thrilled, along with Andrea, to be participating in this event, along with Nest Inspired Home and the sponsors.

Here are a few of the paintings on display this week among the beautiful vignettes at  Nest Inspired Home.