Laurie embarked on a pursuit to study photography after years of exposure to the world of art and design in which she had been developing an increasingly strong interest.  

Laurie’s early career included working in advertising and magazine ad sales and design. After raising two children Laurie considered the “next chapter” in her life and determined that her energy would be best invested in developing her creativity.  In 2011, Laurie began to study photography, first at NYU and then at The International Center for Photography (ICP) in New York City.  Ironically, concurrent with her first class at ICP, the museum to which the school is attached was hosting an exhibit by her favorite photographer, Elliott Erwitt.  One year later, Laurie had the good fortune to meet Erwitt and share with him that he had been a source of inspiration or her.  By then she was hooked.  Laurie continued several more years of study at ICP while she began producing large scale pieces of photographic art.  

At the same time in Laurie’s life she began to travel extensively.  She found that photography added a wonderful dimension to her travels as she continued to explore and make unique and often unexpected discoveries along the way.  Currently Laurie’s body of work includes many large pieces photographed in more than 10 geographical locations including Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Laurie’s work is in the collections of clients of several CT and NY interior designers, as well as additional private residences in New York City, the Hamptons and Miami and several Fairfield County, CT home décor shops. She presently shows with RE at da-kor in Greenwich.  Her photography has been featured in CTC&G in conjunction with the Near and Far Aid House Tour and has been used for illustrative purposes on the websites of renowned furniture designer Laura Spector as well as for LINCNYC, a non-profit organization for childhood literacy in NYC.

When she is not traveling, Laurie divides her time between Westport, CT and NYC.