Works on Paper

About Meighan

Meighan Morrison was traditionally schooled in, and fascinated by, the chiaroscuro method.

She applied this method to the figure and portrait before eventually turning to the landscape and eventually the intuitive simplification and abstraction thereof. Those roads led to her recent abstract work – a further distillation of color, light, movement and form.

As Meighan says regarding he process,”I start a piece in my head...I usually have only a vague inspiration or a distant memory that for whatever reason has stuck with me. I prefer to work quite large which adds a physicality to the process. I love the breakthrough "action painters" of the mid century - Kline, Pollack, Frankenthaler - because when paint hits canvas in a less controlled manner it brings it's own energy and ideas with it. The unplanned is more interesting to me than the planned so I always want to respect the accidental and recognize the point of the process in which the work begs to inform itself.”

Meighan studied fine art at Boston University and illustration at Parsons School of Design before becoming an illustrator. She became a textile designer, graphic designer and also an interior designer. She didn't realize at the time how relevant all these roles would be in ultimately informing her work when she committed to making painting her primary focus again.