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Horse & Big Game

Fine art photographer Shelli Breidenbach is celebrated worldwide for her stunning, award winning images.  She recreated the equestrian portrait in a thoroughly modern fashion, theatrically posing horses against black, white, and brilliantly colored canvas backgrounds.   Shelli’s intimate relationship with horses earns her a trust which allows her to capture her subjects, often not wearing even a halter, in ways which reveal their soul.  Drawn to a clean and classic aesthetic, Shelli finds the beauty in life then breaks it down to accentuate the details.  Whether she is capturing the sensuous curve of a horse’s back, the intricate interior of a sea shell, or even a horse’s bit, Shelli blends the recognizable with the abstract, creating compelling images.

For Breidenbach, photography took her from Wall Street to greener pastures, literally.  On a trip to South Africa she experimented with photography and her love of animals.  The experience gave her a new lens on life to view its elegant beauty.  Her large digital equine images were so striking they caught the eye of the Ralph Lauren brand, where her works have been represented in locations around the world -  earning her a following of equestrians and non-equestrians alike.

Breidenbach is passionate about helping charities through her art.  She has contributed her photography and time to the Panther Ridge Sanctuary, the Equestrian Aid Foundation, the ASPCA, and the Robin Hood Foundation. 

Shelli Breidenbach’s newest adventure is transforming the iconic equestrian vibe into an elegant fabric line, the Shelli Breidenbach Collection.   Her clean, modern designs suit both traditional and contemporary settings, created in an elegant but durable Sunbrella fabric which fits everyday life.  Inspiration comes from her family life on a beautiful horse farm, Westmoreland, in Bedford, New York.  Each day Shelli is truly creating the fabric of life.

Permanent Exhibitions

2009-present   Ralph Lauren D&D, NY 2009-present
2010–presentRalph Lauren Boston 2010 - present



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Equestrio Magazine, Switzerland, Italy, France 2008-2011
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2014 Wolfer Estates & Vineyards. NY
2013 Polo Cortina, Italy
2013 Wellington Equestrian Festival, Wellington, FL
2013 Trump Invitational Mar a Lago, Palm Beach, FL
2012 Cabourg, France
2012 Lausanne, Switzerland
2012 The President’s Club, Moscow, Russia
2012 Wellington Equestrian Festival, Wellington, FL
2011 Fiera Cavalli Verona, Italy
2011 Lydia Tessio Le Signore dell’Ippica Rome, Italy
2011 Galerie Tarquininia, France
2011 Deauville France
2011 Free Arts
2010 CSI, Zurich, Switzerland
2010 Ralph Lauren Greenwich, CT
2010 Deauville France
2010 Winter Equestrian Festival, Wellington Florida
2009 Blue Sag Harbor, NY
2008 ASPCA Bridgehampton, NY



“Horse” by Kelly Klein, Rizzoli- November, 2008