About Stefan

Stefan’s art photography is a contrast to his portrait and design photography where he photographs business leaders, celebrities, athletes or musicians for magazines and advertisers. 

His images are also about letting go of conventions and the classic rules of photography. They are an exploration of what is possible in photography.

In theory, making a photograph is about the correct combination of ISO, shutter speed and aperture, to create a perfect exposure. But you need to break rules to create something new. In the MOVED series he slows down the process and purposely moves the camera during exposure to create painterly images of landscapes. In his commercial work he relies heavily on digital post- processing, but in his art photography the images are completely created in camera and not altered in Photoshop.

In Stefan’s early photography career he had the opportunity to study under the famed photographer Amy Arbus, whose advice was "Try to let go!" His artwork has been very much inspired by that advice. It is about allowing things to happen and being in the moment to create something new.

Stefan lives with his wife and two children in Rye, NY on the Long Island Sound, which serves as an inspiration for his artwork. Stefan has an international business degree and previously worked for over a decade in the film production and licensing world. He is originally from Germany, where his work was on the business side of the visual arts world. His move to the U.S. in 2002 gave him the opportunity to shift his focus to the creative side.  

Stefan’s work is collected in the US, Australia and Europe. Stefan’s commercial work has been published in various magazines in the US and Europe.