Nest Inspired Home // Bringing Art & Furnishings Together

A friend suggested I visit Nest Inspired Home when they opened in November 2011, she raved about the new store and its beautiful merchandise.  I went in to look at the light fixture that she was considering, when I saw the new home furnishings store in Rye NY, it immediately felt like a great spot to showcase artwork to compliment the array of merchandise and interiors design services. Kissing Clouds, by Kerri Rosenthal

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I met the owners, Bets Miller and Aly Drew that day. We immediately connected and I learned of their vision to provide "classic contemporary home furnishings, art, gifts and décor to the design trade and chic Westchester and Fairfield County shoppers". We began showcasing Romanoff Elements artists, there is terrific space in the 3000 square foot gallery-like shop to look at and consider artwork. The furnishings provide a real-life context to see the art & design together.

Moving, by Anne Raymond


The concept of Romanoff Elements evolved when a number of years ago, I merchandised several photography exhibits in a home store. I discovered that seeing how artwork compliments furniture and accessories in a retail shop is a great way to see proportion and scale, something that can be difficult to imagine.  It is a relatable way to view fine art,  for customers to see art that they like, and how it will translate and fit into their own space and decor.

The Line-Up, by Christine Wexler


Our first exhibit was with Andrea Bonfils, a multi-dimensional artist. The merchandising team at Nest beautifully layers their furnishings and accessories. The art is incorporated into each vignette, just as they recommend customers do in their own homes.

Aspen Line-Up, 2 of 4 panels in oil and encaustic wax


As Nest's clients began to express interest in art and making purchases, we began to offer in-home meetings, a complimentary service. Bets and myself will visit and meet with a customer in their home, and discuss what they are looking for in artwork. This is very personalized, depending upon the space, interior design, style and of course budget, we then provide recommendations of suitable and appropriate artwork.

Before the Split, by Kit Kittle

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The pics in this post represent some of the artwork we've showcased in the store or in one of our clients homes.

Sunflower, by Michael Anderson, interior design by David Hammond Interiors

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We are interested to guide customers to find artwork that suits their taste and lifestyle. Romanoff Elements is continually seeking new artists and artisans, in all medium, paintings, prints, sculpture and mixed media, to fit the needs of our varied customers.

Drippy Yellow Heart, by Kerri Rosenthal in the entry. Never Late, by Anne Raymond above the mantel

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The shop presents art along with their furnishings and accessories, in addition to custom orders, vintage finds, and in-store design assistance, this rounds out the full range of products they offer and sell to complete a home. They suggest you "Shop the Nest, whether you're working with a designer or love your own decor deals!"

Feather Triptych, by Michael Anderson


We're happy to join Nest this week, Thursday December 18th, they have extended hours for holiday shopping. We will be at the store from 5-7pm with a variety of artwork from different artists, discussing our art consulting service and we'll be scheduling in-home appointments for the new year.IMG_1573

Another thought....have you considered The Gift of Art this season? Hope you can stop by and join us Thursday and look at some possibilities!

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