Living with Art // Loving Summer Color

It's that time of year, late July, when we find ourselves commenting on how the summer is going by so quickly. We look forward to the summer months, anticipate, talk about and plan for summer - and the season itself is so fleeting. The long days, warm weather and clear skies come together to create a more carefree and easier few months. Regardless of what you enjoy for leisure, there is more time to indulge during the short summer months. There is an easy feeling amid the long days, crisper summer light, which make the colors cleaner and  brighter. I love to see how artists reflect the beautiful blues and and other sun drenched colors, how the look and feel of the season infuses their artworks, and in turn, how the art enhances a room and brings the good feeling of summer home...

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The Many Shades of White // in Art and Interiors

March is a month of transition. We are tired of the cold, and the flat colors of winter, grays and browns. We're waiting expectantly for spring to arrive, and with it the beautiful colors of the season. Before we get there, I have been thinking of white, and its many shades. White is associated with light, freshness and new beginnings. As we anxiously wait for the new season to arrive, a look at white and how neutral artwork looks great in a variety of interiors, especially as part of an all-white decor, layered with texture, fabrics and variations of color. March2015_Eblast

During the winter, it's always refreshing to wear or see someone in shades of white. Winter white is a warm color, with yellow undertones. There is an elegance to white clothing, especially in contrast to the black, or dark clothes we usually wear in the fall and winter months. A preview of classic winter whites from Ralph Lauren’s new Fall 2015 collection


I recently read on GOOP about the redesign of Gwyneth Paltrow’s music room in her Hamptons home by designer Windsor Smith, and loved this white room. It works  beautifully because of the crisp dark contrasts and layers of color, including the abstract painting.Gwyneth.natural painting

The crossover between fashion, interiors and art is particularly clear with color trends. Windsor Smith Interiors puts together inspiring collages on Instagram showing the parallels and influence across the different disciplines. The clarity of white has always appealed to modernist artists, from Mondrian to Barnett Newman, and also to architects, from Le Corbusier to Richard Meier. I loved this recent Instagram post, classic architecture paired with a new sculptural design from Prada.

Windsor smith.prada

The beauty of white in the various arts is that you can create interest and complexity by using different shades together to create an interesting neutral color scheme. The hues and intensity of a white vary depending on how much of other colors, red, yellow, grey are in it, from cool and crisp white, to warm beige, ivory, linen, cream, vanilla and more. In a recent article, The Insiders Guide to Decorating with White, in Country Living Magazine, I read that Benjamin Moore offers over 200 shades of white.


Various interior designers discussed their preference for using white, from paint to furnishings to artwork. Darryl Carter said, "White rooms are more complex than they appear, because there are no distractions. Every choice becomes critical.” This white room is warm, especially complimented by natural woods and the addition of an all-white artwork

Country Living.white-room-carter-xl

Designer Suzanne Kasler says its her “liberal use of ivories and creams — plus loads of natural texture” that gives her classic rooms their casual, contemporary appeal. Her home is all whites and natural colors. The design and layout of the collection of artworks by Kris Ruhs add pattern and interest to the neutral living room.S.Kasler, ADI have collected a number of all-white rooms, many with tonal white artwork on my "White" Pinterest board. The style, look and color white of these rooms vary. From this crisp contemporary white room by Eric Cohler accented by warm woods with a large scale white painting

Eric Cohler

to designer Jill Stuarts’ cool sleek bedroom, with a large modern painting, White on White, by Julie Olitski

Jill Stuart

to Vicente Wolf’s dining room with a mix of materials and whites, complimented by a sculptural triptych of white artworks which adds depth to the spaceV.Wolf

RE photographer Shelli Breidenbach’s large scale Abstract Shells are the visual centerpiece in this yachts stunning interiorsSB.Shells.yacht2

SB.Shells.yacht The color white is versatile, it's many shades, from warm to cool, can vary and change the mood of a room, whether in the paint color, fabrics, accessories or art. White artwork, with nuances of color, texture or pattern, beautifully compliments and enhances a white palette. The large scale plaster bas relief by artist Mark Beard in this tonal room by Victoria Hagan brings a quiet drama to the elegant space.

VHagan.white relief

Here is our selection of RE artworks in the many shades of white. These can be the starting point in creating a personalized white on white space. Photographer Barbara Erdmann creates graphic images by capturing patterns in nature.  Mesh looks great alone or is striking when used as a diptych or triptych, with it's varying shades of whites and beige8654 Mesh

Another of Breidenbach's Abstract Shells, No. 3, these graphic images work as a grouping, as in the yacht, or alone

SB.spine shell

Artist Andrea Bonfils' underwater photographs have an ethereal quality, especially Joy, of a woman floating in a diaphanous white dress. Installed by the artist at her clients' light and airy white home


In Winters Dream, artist Kerri Rosenthal captures the nuances of whites in her abstract snowy landscape

KR.Winters Dream_48x48

For horse lovers, Shelli Breidenbach's portrait of Flamissy would be a great addition to a room with the contrast of warm woods and natural fabricsCF023837 Flamissy

The beautiful serenity of the sea and sky in Stefan Radtke's Sound Portrait #1, with its subtle gradations of cool color, would be the perfect beginning for a quiet peaceful room

SR.sound portrait 1

I look forward to the transition to a more colorful season, and the natural beauty of the grasses, trees and flowers that will (hopefully) soon be blooming. Color is always an option in the coming months or you can opt for white on white, even in flowers, as in Morning Blooms, by Kerri Rosenthalphoto 2

Looking forward to the change of season and color...happy (almost) spring!

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Warm Happy Holidays // Art Inspired by Nature

“Great art picks up where nature ends.”  - Marc Chagall Art is a visual creative expression of an artist’s moods, feelings, experiences. Interesting how so often it reflects the beauty of what they see and then capture around them. I often reference the influence of nature on the various work of many artists. These select artworks reflect a few artists’ interpretations of nature, their wintry blues and browns touched with gold accents - they feel like the holiday and winter season - filled with warmth, family, friends and some holiday sparkle!


When I saw this photo recently of a jaguar in photographer Shelli Breidenbach’s home, I was drawn to the graphic and stunning image. Shelli captured the animal, its movement and its beauty. Aztec is from Breidenbach’s Big Game series.


It made me think about how animal prints have been used in fashion and home decor for a long time, a bit of a zebra or leopard pattern make a strong visual statement. This began in the 18th century when Europeans brought back exotic skins  as trophies while they were colonizing Africa and Asia. They remained a status symbol of sorts. The brown, black and white patterns, created from nature easily blend with all styles. I recently browsed through many Pinterest boards, here is one by interior designer Carolyn Williams filled with great pics from fashion and decor.

Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 2.14.53 PM This is a more serene image, of an abstract sunset from John Duckworth’s Landscape Series. Duckworth’s “photographs are infused with an intimate knowledge of nature, a passion for pure color, and a rhythm drawn from life itself.” His images of the South Carolina coast have a universal appeal.


There has been much interest recently in abstract land and seascapes, as they bring nature inside in a way that is familiar, easy and calming.

JD.4:8Kerri Rosenthal’s abstract paintings reflect the artist’s here and now, she is always adding new work to her different series.  Kerri gives names to her work that lets the viewer into her world, one that’s informed by many stylistic viewpoints, from art, to fashion to decor to nature. A recent series is all about the season, Winter Chic, 40"x40"

KR.Winter Chic_40x40

and Winters Dream, 48"x48"

KR.Winters Dream_48x48

Artist Andrea Bonfils recently introduced the Submerged Garden Series. This is an extension of her underwater photography and mixed media work. In her previous series, she captured people, their movement and forms through water. She is now exploring the color and shape of flowers and the way they transition from crisp to blurred under the water line. Blue Hydrangeas 

IMG_6938 The images are stunning when printed large and mounted in plexi as in a recent installation.


In photographer Barbara Erdmann’s Abstract Series, she focuses on the repetitive patterns she finds in nature. This graphic image, Hubris, brings back memories of pulling dandelion weeds from the ground, making a wish, and blowing it through the summer air.

1223 Hubris

Wishing you a happy, healthy holiday season filled with warmth & sparkle...and hoping your wishes for the season and the new year all come true!

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Nest Inspired Home // Bringing Art & Furnishings Together

A friend suggested I visit Nest Inspired Home when they opened in November 2011, she raved about the new store and its beautiful merchandise.  I went in to look at the light fixture that she was considering, when I saw the new home furnishings store in Rye NY, it immediately felt like a great spot to showcase artwork to compliment the array of merchandise and interiors design services. Kissing Clouds, by Kerri Rosenthal

photo - Version 3

I met the owners, Bets Miller and Aly Drew that day. We immediately connected and I learned of their vision to provide "classic contemporary home furnishings, art, gifts and décor to the design trade and chic Westchester and Fairfield County shoppers". We began showcasing Romanoff Elements artists, there is terrific space in the 3000 square foot gallery-like shop to look at and consider artwork. The furnishings provide a real-life context to see the art & design together.

Moving, by Anne Raymond


The concept of Romanoff Elements evolved when a number of years ago, I merchandised several photography exhibits in a home store. I discovered that seeing how artwork compliments furniture and accessories in a retail shop is a great way to see proportion and scale, something that can be difficult to imagine.  It is a relatable way to view fine art,  for customers to see art that they like, and how it will translate and fit into their own space and decor.

The Line-Up, by Christine Wexler


Our first exhibit was with Andrea Bonfils, a multi-dimensional artist. The merchandising team at Nest beautifully layers their furnishings and accessories. The art is incorporated into each vignette, just as they recommend customers do in their own homes.

Aspen Line-Up, 2 of 4 panels in oil and encaustic wax


As Nest's clients began to express interest in art and making purchases, we began to offer in-home meetings, a complimentary service. Bets and myself will visit and meet with a customer in their home, and discuss what they are looking for in artwork. This is very personalized, depending upon the space, interior design, style and of course budget, we then provide recommendations of suitable and appropriate artwork.

Before the Split, by Kit Kittle

photo 1 - Version 2

The pics in this post represent some of the artwork we've showcased in the store or in one of our clients homes.

Sunflower, by Michael Anderson, interior design by David Hammond Interiors

photo copy 3

We are interested to guide customers to find artwork that suits their taste and lifestyle. Romanoff Elements is continually seeking new artists and artisans, in all medium, paintings, prints, sculpture and mixed media, to fit the needs of our varied customers.

Drippy Yellow Heart, by Kerri Rosenthal in the entry. Never Late, by Anne Raymond above the mantel

photo 1

The shop presents art along with their furnishings and accessories, in addition to custom orders, vintage finds, and in-store design assistance, this rounds out the full range of products they offer and sell to complete a home. They suggest you "Shop the Nest, whether you're working with a designer or love your own decor deals!"

Feather Triptych, by Michael Anderson


We're happy to join Nest this week, Thursday December 18th, they have extended hours for holiday shopping. We will be at the store from 5-7pm with a variety of artwork from different artists, discussing our art consulting service and we'll be scheduling in-home appointments for the new year.IMG_1573

Another thought....have you considered The Gift of Art this season? Hope you can stop by and join us Thursday and look at some possibilities!

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Living with Art // Summer all year long

Summer is a short season that has a big impact. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, the warm days are filled with fun, vacation, outdoor activities, spending time with friends and family. Especially in the Northeast, we wait a long time to enjoy the longer, sunny days. Soft colors and artwork can bring these warm feelings of the season indoors all year long. These artworks capture summer, from the subject, shells, seascapes, the beach to abstract interpretations of them. Color is a common thread when evoking summer, we associate soft sun-drenched colors with the warmest months. As I’ve written about before, the color blue is everyone’s favorite. There are many reasons, but when it’s soft, it feels like nature, like sky and water.

I stopped in to John Duckworth's Johns Island, SC studio a few months ago with some friends while we were visiting nearby. John artfully captures the colors of the SC coast in his collection of Abstract Landscapes.

Two very different installations of John's work show how the simple natural beauty of the photographic images is all that is needed to create a serene summer-like  space. The images are printed on canvas, giving them a painterly quality.  From a beach cottage on Sullivan's Island, SC with the image Charleston Harbor

to Long Island Creek in a crisp modern NYC apt by JSM Designs

According to color expert Kate Smith, of Sensational Color, "The color of ocean and sky, blue is perceived as a constant in our lives. As the collective color of the spirit, it invokes rest and can cause the body to produce chemicals that are calming".

The texture and layers of encaustic wax in Artist Andrea Bonfils’ Ocean Blue capture the colors in the spectrum, from ocean to sky,

The large-scale color block painting by Kerri Rosenthal also ranges from light to powder to marine blue, creating a beautiful frame over the denim blue velvet bench

A client recently requested the “color of a summer sky” for an iconic Drippy Heart painting from Kerri Rosenthal. Here is Sea of Hearts installed in the traditional entry of her Westchester home. Kerri sent the color sample, on a late winter day with a note that felt hopeful for warmer weather, “the sky on a perfect summer day”!

Artist Rosenthal brings together her love of summer in a number of paintings inspired from her winter trips to the Caribbean or summer days by the CT or Long Island beaches. The colors in her abstracts bring them all together, as in Picking Daisies from the Puzzle Moderne series

Blue and and it's compliment white, in its many variations, is classic summer. The many shades of white are captured in a fun graphic collection of sand, by photographer Barbara Erdmann. Wings is one of a few images in the series that captures it's movement and texture.

Nature shows her color in the range of whites in Shelli Breidenbach’s Abstract Shell series. Shell No. 2 is one of six large-scale graphic images that show the incredible beauty of each shell form.

White can be simple and elegant and in artwork, it can carry a space when done well. This shell collection has brought summer indoors, for many clients, from city and suburb to beach to this striking yacht with an installation of very large-scale photos

Abstract artist Anne Raymond  has created many paintings inspired by the sunny colors of summer and the surroundings of  her Hamptons home. You can feel the warmth of the soft yellow in Radiance Series ll, a 40"x40" oil on canvas

Moving, also by Raymond is suitably accented with turquoise accessories for summer at Nest Inspired Home in Rye, NY

Westchester photographer Stefan Radtke captures the same colors in his "atmospheric landscapes" of the LI Sound. Radtke "creates painting inspired photographs of landscapes, devoid of detail." From the more colorful Moved # 6 

to the quieter Sound Portrait #2 and it's mirrored image, mounted in acrylic. This diptych is 80"x40" overall and creates a strong statement for such subtle work.

I have recently met photographer Kit Kittle and I'm enjoying showing his Bubble Collection to my clients and observing their smiling responses. Kittle takes his machine around the world and captures the reflection in the bubbles, "which is a thousandth of the thickness of human hair". The images reflect the color & light in the bubbles as well as the natural beauty surrounding them. To Kittle, "it is surprising that some things are just this simple". This image, Before the Fall was taken close to home off the LI Sound.

The sun, warmth and colors of the summer season inspires artists, they want to capture it in their respective medium. Their artwork enables us to bring the soothing enveloping warm feelings of the season indoors…why not enjoy summer all year long?

But first, enjoy it now!