Celebrating the Beauty of NYC // for Donate Life Month

Finally, I’m looking out the window and seeing the sun shine.  Soon the snow will be gone, the grass will be green, flowers will be blooming. Spring is a time of renewal, a season to observe how life comes back in nature, color explodes where its been grey and bleak and after these long months of being indoors we will all enjoy the spring air. For my family and I,  April is also a reminder of a time when my husband wasn't sure if he would see the renewal of spring. He, along with over 120,000 people in the US, was waiting for an organ transplant. April is National Donate Life Month, and efforts are underway to help all of those, including the 10,509 New Yorkers who are waiting to see if they will live for another spring season. LiveOnNy recently launched their new campaign to recognize the beauty of New Yorkers and appeal for them to help each other through organ donation. April_2015

Howard was diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis, a terminal lung disease in 2006. He was listed on the transplant waiting list in the winter of 2011, we weren't sure what would happen that spring as he waited for a lung transplant. We remember those few months well, and are very grateful that Howard received a double lung transplant a few months later in August. I have posted before about Share Life NY,  our family’s efforts to raise awareness of the dire condition of transplantation in the US, particularly in NYS. The state ranks last, 50th in the country of registered donors, and in NYS only 23% or the residents are registered vs. 47% in the rest of the country. This month, as NYC comes to life with its unique and wonderful energy, I would like to shed light on the work of LiveOnNY, the New York City based Organ Procurement Organization that coordinates organ donations within New York State. (formerly NYODN) and their wonderful efforts to help build the donor registry in the New York area. Their new campaign focuses on NYC, its icons and the caring of its residents.

LiveOnNY with Brand Line Stacked

And their tag line,

Long Live New Yorkers...Long Live New York!

Click here to see their moving video

LongLiveNY Movie Poster

I often talk of how artists find inspiration in nature, but they are also drawn to the energy and lights of the city. As a New Yorker, we are sometimes immune to the constant movement and stimulation. This month, RE is focusing on The Beauty of NYC, how photographers capture the beauty and noise of the city in their individual styles. RE artist John Duckworth, captures the light and expanse of the city in this panoramic view of Manhattan from across the bridges in Brooklyn.  As a visitor to the city, his outsider perspective sees the whole, as in Bridge

JD.Bridgeand also the details in the street, in Taxis

JD.taxiBarbara Erdmann, a RE photographer, tells her story by finding pattern and repetition in her images, Urbane has a great contrast of color against the grey ground

0277 UrbaneRE photographer Stuart Zaro, is the owner of  Zaros Bakery, a third generation NY business. Even though he is at one of his stores in Grand Central Terminal frequently, as an artist he sees the big picture not just the crowds. Here he captures the Beaux Arts architecture and beautiful light of the landmark 1903 building in Grand Central

sdz.Grand Central NYC

Waiting, is a favorite image also taken by Zaro at Grand Central. We have featured this photo as an analogy for organ donation for all those on the “waitlist” for transplantation.

WaitingThe popular aerial views of photographer Gray Malin's travels and adventures around the world provide a different perspective. His New York collection captures the city in warmer weather, from Sheep Meadow in Central Park

GM.Central Park.Sheep Meadow

to a birds eye view of  Washington Square Park.



RE photographer Kit Kittle created Enlightenment, a series of images with a Buddha statue in different settings. The contrast of the sitting Buddha against a variety of backdrops are illustrated in his book by appropriate philisophical quotes.  Buddha and Graffiti tells a great NY story, the contrast of calm against the grittiness of the street and graffiti. “Do not dwell in the past. Do not dream of the future. Concentrate the mind on the present moment…” - Buddhist Teaching

KK.Buddha & Graffitialso from this series, the statue sits among the commuter commotion, Buddha and Grand CentralKitK.4340.Buddha in Grand CentralRE along with Share Life NY supports LiveOnNY as they celebrate New York and urge New Yorkers to learn more about the issue of organ, eye and tissue donation. Each donor can save up to 8 lives and greatly improve the lives of up to 50 people. In NY State someone dies every 15 hours while waiting for a transplant, there are not enough donors for the number of people waiting. We are grateful that Howard’s donor made the decision to join the registry. During the month of April, Romanoff Elements will donate a portion of sales to LiveOnNY. We hope that others can be as fortunate as Howard and enjoy a second chance of life.

If interested in more information about organ donation, or to register to be a donor, please go to ShareLifeNY.org or DonateLife.net to find your state’s registry. If you are in New York State, you can register here.

Enjoy the warm weather, spring and the renewal that it brings. Microsoft Word - CAROL.Doc1.doc