Holiday Wishes // Black & Whites with a Golden Touch

The recent snowy days inspired this black, white and neutral palette. Looking outdoors, whether at the contrast between the fresh snow, and the bare trees or the city streets and lights, this feels like winter. The artworks on our holiday card are without color, whether oil painting, mixed media or photography, they are soft shades of white or the high contrast of classic black and white, touched with golden snowflakes! Anne Raymond's paintings are usually filled with strong color. Never Late has color, but in a very subtle way. Raymond captures the various whites of winter, complimented by warm and natural colors of nature.

A quiet painting is a departure for Xanda McCagg as well. Her canvases which use line and form as an abstract expression of larger experiences are usually strong and vibrant. In Touched, the subtle monochromatic shades of grays, whites and tans, with graphite lines, are just as layered as her more colorful work.

In Lightness, Andrea Bonfils layers encaustic wax to add more depth to her gestural underwater photograph, creating a floating and ethereal effect when contrasted against the dark ground.

A client hung a triptych of Bonfils underwater series to beautifully compliment a white living room by Heiberg Cummings Design.

In Africa, Stuart Zaro captured the natural graphic beauty of these zebras. Zaro’s intertwined Zebras No.2 , from his Game Blue Collection, are a reminder of the gentle and stunning beauty of nature.

The simplicity of black and white makes a statement. Kerri Rosenthal, a painter recognized for her bold and creative use of color, also does a strong collection of black and white works.

The contrast of the opposite colors provides an appealing tension, whether it’s in a photograph, painting, a room or fabric. Take a look through my Pinterest board for more black and white inspiration.

Surfer Girl, an iconic image from Bramasole Photography, by Christine Wexler captures the beach and summer at its best. On these wintry days, I love looking at Wexler’s beach photos - they capture carefree, warm summer daysHoliday calls for some sparkle and shine! The Swarovski Snowflake, the huge twinkling crystal above Fifth Avenue and 57th St. is a sparkling ornament with a purpose, “It’s a special symbol for the world's most vulnerable children. It hangs as a reminder of UNICEF’s commitment to reach a day when zero children die from preventable causes.”

Wishing you a very happy holiday and peace and good health in the New Year!