Color // Hot Summer Days

Summer means different things to different people, but consistent among summer plans is to vacation, relax and enjoy the outdoors whether it's by the beach, lake or in the mountains. The days are longer in the summer months, and we seem to collectively fill them with activities and people we enjoy. The warm colors in these artworks, that range from red to yellow reflect the warmth and light of the long summer days. In the color spectrum, there's a wide range of colors between red and yellow including the many shades of orange.

Anne Raymond's Change Series l gently captures the warmer tones of these colors.

Abstract Expressionist Mark Rothko painted many Color Field works in these hues. His 1961 painting, Orange, Red, Yellow sold for a record $86,882,500 in May 2012. The New York Times reviewer said it "...can convincingly be argued to be the most powerful of all his pictures."

Color theorist Josef Albers explored the sunny colors in numerous works in his Homage to the Square series.

Referencing summer, Kelly Crow of the Wall Street Journal stated about Rothko, "The painting's trio of orange and yellow rectangles bobbing atop a cherry-red background forms a palette that's as eye-catching as a sunset or a Popsicle."

Photographer Elisa Keogh captures that kind of intense summer sky in Long Beach Island, NJ (red-orange) from her Horizons series.


Crow adds that, "Auction specialists say collectors historically pay more for works that are red and gold, as opposed to gray".  Red is the color most associated with joy and well-being, so its no surprise that we surround ourselves with the joyous color.

Joyful and summery describes Kerri Rosenthal's colorful, energetic artwork, including Pretty Wings with a golden citron color, that's on the green side of yellow.

Images of the ocean and beach evoke great memories and associations for many. Bramasole Photography  captures inviting images of her favorite beaches. (I blogged about a recent exhibit of Christine Wexler's work.) In Surf Camp, the surfboards in Montauk are ready to go!

Some prefer summer walks or hikes in the mountains.  Feel the breeze in Elena Lyakir's, Laughter.

Time in or by the water - ocean, lake or pool is summer to many. In Turning, from a series of underwater photography, artist Andrea Bonfils' conveys the weightlessness and welcome of the water.

Xanda McCagg's abstract painting, Vast, captures the fun and the energy of this spectrum of warm colors.

Thinking about the different meanings of hot summer days...I can say for me, I love the warmth of the sun, the sound of the ocean and the feel of the sand. Artwork allows us to reflect on a feeling or a sense of place. The colors of these pieces - yellows, oranges and reds convey and take us to the warmth and energy of summer.

There are a few weeks left for us all to enjoy...

Romanoff Elements // Providing Access to Art & Artists

RE works with clients to find art that appropriately reflects them and suits their space. We work with both designers and clients to select art and design elements that work within their budget and are an extension of their taste and the way that they live. Everyone has their unique taste and style, a vision for their home and work environment. There are a number of reasons why they may choose to work with a consultant or designer. Time is a huge factor today. With time limited, days of visiting galleries and shopping in general, is less than it used to be. It's helpful to bring someone in to help realize their particular vision. Mara Solow of Mara Solow Interiors was familiar with Bonnie Edelman's photography after seeing several of RE's exhibitions of Edelman's work . Solow and her client worked with RE to select this abstracted landscape photograph to provide color and contrast in a quiet and serene master bedroom.

LETT by Heiberg Cummings selected these three mixed media artworks by Andrea Bonfils to compliment the elegant living room and incorporate the long wall into the beautifully designed space. The selection was made after the designer visited  the artist's studio.

It's helpful to look at digital images, and narrow down selections online, but following up with home and office visits provides our clients the option to see the artwork in person, see the colors, textures and experience it in their home or office.

Painting by Anne Raymond in a Hampton's home.

Paintings on paper by Anne Raymond

We also work with home furnishing retailers to provide artwork for customer’s to see in the context of a home decor environment. When shopping for furnishings and accessories, a customer can relate to seeing a painting or fine art photography above a dining table or within a beautiful vignette.

Xanda McCagg's striking abstract canvas provides great color and composition among the artisanal furnishings at Comerford Collection in Bridgehampton.

McCagg's Blue Moment, was recently  featured in Elle Decor in a beautifully designed Hamptons home by Robert Stilins Interiors.

Interior designers work with RE to bring art and artisanal products that are selected specifically with their client's in mind. We come to understand a project and how the art will compliment the design and the rooms and suit the client.

At times a project results in a commission specifically for a client. We are currently working on a site-specific representational landscape painting for a panelled wall. Due to the dimensions and design of the panels in a client's grand foyer, an artist is creating a custom painting based on her work that our client likes.

This horizon image was selected by a client after a long search, to compliment the natural stone wall and running creek in her country home. It looks beautiful and suits the organic environment.

Recently, I have begun working with representational artists, after a number of years with primarily abstract works and fine art photography. Mother and Daughter and seascape pastels by Tracy Burtz were suitable for a Mother's Day event at Table d'Hote, a tabletop and home accessories store in Armonk, NY.

We work to bring in artworks that suit the space, whether it's a home, office or a retailer and their customers. Encaustic mixed media works compliment the classic contemporary home furnishings at Nest Inspired Home in Rye, NY.

Consultants are used to provide access to artists that a client, designer or retailer wouldn’t otherwise have. There are many remarkably talented, creative people producing work that isn't out and visible - isn’t in stores and galleries or online. Some artists show at local or regional art shows, some in galleries - many have developed a group of collectors over the years, both private and corporate, who return periodically to add to their collections.  RE and other consultants spend time finding and learning about many artists and their bodies of work to introduce to their clients.

I have always been surrounded by artists and creatively inspired people.  I enjoy bringing them and their artwork together with those who will love and appreciate their work and enjoy living with it.

An American artist in Paris // New works by Xanda McCagg

Artist Xanda McCagg is spending the fall in Paris, leaving her Chelsea studio to exhibit, explore and experience life in Europe for a few months. The NYC based abstract painter spent time last year in Rome and France participating in two academic residencies which I blogged about this past summer. Her time there resulted in a new body of work and Paris' Galerie Charlot's interest to exhibit her paintings.

I have known Xanda for several years and I’m drawn to the colors, and composition of her work. It evolves and yet it remains familiar as she explores the themes that drive her work.

Together we have shown her work in Bridgehampton at Comerford Collection and placed a number of pieces with new collectors, both there and privately.

I think Xanda’s paintings are familiar due to their basis in figurative work. In the exhibit overview, McCagg says, “At the core of my work is a fascination with the human experience. I consider systems of human behavior in relation to larger happenings: poverty, war, systems of control and understanding, government, and religion vs. mythology. As an artist, I observe and comment on the human condition on both a global and an intimate level....

My work continues to explore the fine line between perception and imagination of these relationships through an articulation of compositional effects. Using line and form, I determine how much or how little information is necessary to communicate these shifts. Although abstract, my work is influenced by formal principles. I use these principles both literally and metaphorically as the vocabulary with which I develop my compositions.”

Valérie Hasson-Benillouche opened the French gallery in 2010. They exhibit both new, young artists, and established European artists, exploring a mix of classical and new media.

Xanda’s work ranges in size from from 8” squares to large format paintings, up to 72"x60". Her signature remains regardless of the size.

Xanda's color range is expansive - yet knowing Xanda's work, there’s a consistency. Her palette ranges from neutrals to the use of strong colors, composed of graphite, oils and collage, in a way that the paintings are always balanced with her unique combination of line, color, texture and form.

The exhibition is October 20 -Nov 17, Galerie Charlot , 47 Rue Charlot, Paris

I wish Xanda lots of success and a great experience in Paris this fall ...

Abstract Works by Xanda McCagg // at Comerford Collection

Xanda McCagg’s energy and enthusiasm about her work is evident from the moment you start speaking with her. We met at an exhibit opening a few years ago in The Chelsea Arts Building, at Spazio 522. Xanda’s studio is there as well, and soon after, I visited with her and was immediately drawn to her work.

In McCagg’s canvases you can see her background in traditonal figurative work, and yet as her work has evolved - the line, composition and color have abstracted into her unique form of expression.

"Although abstract, my work is influenced by formal principles. At the core of my work is a fascination with the human experience. As an artist, I am observing and commenting on the human condition on both a global and an intimate level ... Central to my work is the analogy of line to form; to light; to color; and to the spaces these describe."

Judy Ross, of Judy Ross Textiles introduced me to Karen Comerford, owner of the beautifully edited home decor shop, Comerford Collection, in Bridgehampton, NY. Karen brought  Xanda’s work into the store, a wonderful compliment to Comerford’s aesthetic of “modern handcrafted furniture and design”.

The shop is "Modern,"  but Karen's goal is to "strip it of its implications of austerity and imbue it with a comfortable, uncomplicated simplicity."  The store has achieved that, it's fresh and modern but warm and filled with unique and beautifully designed furnishings (many pieces of her own design), accessories, and art that compliments.

Xanda's work ranges from small, intimate 12"x12" canvases

to the larger-scale canvases like Pearling, 72"x60"

There are colors, textures and always enticing furnishings throughout the shop (and in the in this photo)

I enjoy meeting with both Karen and Xanda in her Chelsea studio each spring to make selections for the summer at Comerford.

In April when we met, Xanda shared some highlights of her experiences at two artists residencies last fall in Europe. First at CAMAC, Centre D'Art, Marnay-Sur-Seine, France and then at the American Academy in Rome - visiting artists and scholars program.  Xanda talked about the exhilerating experience of working and living among a community of scholars and artists for several months.

Next up, will be an exhibit in Paris this fall, in October. In the meantime, if you are in the Hamptons this summer, stop in to Comerford Collection for the beautiful selection of both home decor and art ...