An Artist's Perspective on Nature // from painting to photography

Andrea Bonfils loves the beauty in nature and as an artist works to capture the beauty and interpret it in her unique style. She has been creating mixed media works and paintings that reflect the outdoors, nature and the animals she loves and is now offering edited collections of her photography of nature. Andrea has been exhibiting and developing a following for her unique artwork. She has developed techniques using layers of oils, encaustic wax and photography combined with a great color sense which adds even more depth and dimension to her works.

The methods, like the subject matter are organic - they have evolved over time for Andrea. The encaustic wax melts and blends to create works that are individual and impressionistic. Her works are tactile - I was surprised to feel the smooth, glossy finish.

Andrea has always been photographing the subjects she loves as well. She spends time in CT and also in Sante Fe, NM - so her images combine the beauty of the east; the coastline, the snow and also the unique feel, with the textures and colors of the southwest; the flowers, sunsets and the wild horses that Andrea loves to spend time with and capture in her photographs.

“They are majestic, regal and powerful yet sensitive, engaged and vulnerable. Being in the wild with them and following their routine is one of the most enjoyable activities in my lifetime. If I can photograph and relay even a minuscule portion of that joy than the experience can be cherished repeatedly” and she adds, “Who does not loves horses?”

I have to agree...I have found that most people have extremely warm and positive response to beautiful and powerful images of horses.

Andrea photographs wild horses in two sanctuaries near her home in Sante Fe. One is private and the other is on the BLM (Bureau of Land Management, government funded and managed land) where they are protected from slaughter. Many are "3 strike horses" and lucky enough to be saved, much like kill shelter dogs. The politics and work involved in protecting the wild horses is limitless and there are many good people working on their behalf  - but still much needs to be done.

“...the wild horses are just another miracle of what inspires me in our fantastic natural world ...that which is my ultimate playground!”

These beautiful images in Andrea’s collections of horses and the other photographs of nature are a great new addition to her body of work.  They're available in a variety of sizes and framing options for  different finished looks; framed in hand-welded steel

printed on canvas

mounted in plexi

and framed in barnwood

Andrea's talents allow her to interpret the world of nature that she's drawn to -  her work continually evolves, whether in paint, mixed media or through her photography.