Picture Perfect // Bramasole Photography at Nest Interiors

Christine Wexler’s photography collection, Bramasole, looks and feels like summer. I met Christine in the winter, and as soon as I browsed through her work, it brought me right to summer - the waves, the warmth, the beach.  And now that it’s July, its great to see her work exhibited at Nest Inspired Home. The home shop in Rye is a great spot for Christine’s work, it fits their mix of easy, classic contemporary home furnishings and accessories. Bramasole in Italian means, to yearn or long for the Sun.  Umbrella's captures the colors and light on the Italian coast.

But most of Christine's photographs are more local, taken in the Hamptons, of surfer life.  She has exhibited in the Hamptons for many successful summers.

This will be the Westchester resident's first time showing locally.

Christine captures the splendor of the ocean in all it’s moods and those of all ages who come to experience the surf and the beach.

and the beauty of the ocean

Like Christine, I  love the beach and ocean.  Cliffs reminds me of a very memorable day when my friend Billy and I hiked and navigated our way from the lighthouse at the eastern most tip of LI, along these cliffs, to see the beautiful Stanford White mansions along the coast.

Christine's words of inspiration will resonate for those, like me,  who share her love of the summer and the sea;

“I credit my father for my love and appreciation for the ocean. The strength I gain when I stand in front of a vast sea is rejuvenating and overwhelming. The smell of the air and sound of the waves is empowering. 

As a child my father taught me to respect the force of the water and its gifts, to use the open space of the beach to clear your mind... To embrace that every wave is different and every sky is new.

I began photographing a special beach about six years ago. Montauk is considered "The End "of the Island... but it is always a new beginning for me. 

I started with a focus on the landscape of the cliffs and beach. I soon found myself drawn to the people. People surfing, walking, just being. Watching them contemplate, prepare, envisioning the ride... I found how glorious the human spirit can be. At first I felt that I was intruding on sacred space and without disrespect, I began photographing from a distance.  

My inspiration, my surroundings, my motivation has grown into my attempt to capture moments of peace and serenity so easily lost in our everyday lives. A true reminder to ground ourselves in a time of such uncertainty.

Just watching each individual pay their respects to the ocean... stare out to an endless sea of possibilities... I realized I am not alone in my addiction/love for the beach. Many of us long for it, some of us are fortunate to have it everyday. Many have said my work is a reminder of their time with the sea.

On July 9th, Nest is partnering with County Harvest, a Westchester-based organization that collects and brings food to Westchester’s hungry. There will be a food collection at the store during the week and a cocktail event on the 9th from 6-9. 10% of all sales of the evening will go to County Harvest.

Hope you can stop in to this Picture Perfect evening - or another time through the summer to see Christine’s photography ...

Welcome to RE // new artists & their work

I launched the Romanoff Elements site 6 months ago, wanting to share some of the talented artists who I have come to know and work with. Recently, I updated the site to include several new artists as well as adding new pieces to existing collections. The RE site is a beginning - there is much more to look at, and to talk about regarding each artist who is represented. I am drawn to their work, to their stories and want to follow and share the progress of their art as it evolves.

Andrea Bonfils is a very creative and multi-talented artist.  She works with and explores various media;  from painting, to encaustic wax, photography and mixed media.

Regardless of medium, Andrea's artwork all begins with nature.  She renders interesting compositions from what she sees and experiences around her. Her colors are rich and layered and the final work is always textural and beautiful.  I have blogged about Andrea before, when Nest Inspired Home exhibited her work in April.

I was recently re-connected to Tracy Burtz, we hadn't seen each other for many years. Tracy is an accomplished artist and teacher who has exhibited extensively.  She works from life; she creates still lifes in oil, charcoal drawings and oils of women, pastels of seascapes and summer life.  I blogged about Tracy as we prepared an exhibition of her work at Table D'Hote recently.

The depth and range of Tracy's colors are beautiful, whether she's painting a floral arrangement or a portrait. We spoke about her varied subject matter, and the thread through her work is always the same, regardless of the subject, it's "...all about picture-making, and what makes a great painting; composition, color, darks, lights, value, line and texture.”

I first saw Elena Lyakir’s work at ABC Kitchen, the Jean-Georges restaurant in ABC Home in NYC.  I loved the ethereal quality and compostion of Elena’s naturally - inspired work and how it enhanced the farm-to-table restaurant's decor.  I met Elena shortly after that and saw the variety and depth of her work.

Each image, whether birds, foliage or landscape, evokes a quiet, a calm - that I find simple, serene and beautiful.

A mutual friend introduced me to Christine Wexler, wanting me to see her Bramasole photography, but also knowing we had similar backgrounds as textile designers. Turns out Christine and I sat down for coffee that could have lasted for many hours as we talked about how and where our creative interests began and the paths we have taken.

I share Christine’s love of the ocean, particularly Montauk. Her photos taken on the Eastern end of Long Island, throughout the Hamptons and other beautiful spots, in California, Mexico and in Italy, capture the natural beauty of the ocean - you can feel and sense summer life in her images.  Christina has exhibited in various venues in the Hamptons. It's the perfect time of year to introduce her photographs to RE and we'll be bringing a collection of her work to exhibit in Westchester at Nest Inspired Home in Rye in June.

More work from each of these artist is on the RE site.  I'll be showing a selection of new work by some of the original RE artists in my next post.

Unconventional Nature // Paintings by Andrea Bonfils

Andrea is an award-winning artist whose paintings offer an innovative and unique approach while reflecting her life’s experiences.  Andrea's inspiration comes from the natural world. She breaks from artistic traditions, yet, certain influences can be seen in her work, such as the colors of Wolf Kahn, the water of Monet or movement of Van Gogh.

We met last year and I was immediately drawn to her creative artwork and unique applications of traditional painting materials. Andrea’s unconventional techiniques results in beautiful color, depth and texture in her paintings.  With a reverence for the organic, Andrea utilizes mostly oils and encaustics with some mixed media to realize her individualized look.

Using unconventional hardware, a blow torch, iron and other heated tools, along with paper and natural materials, she emulates her subjects' movement, drama and complexity as she glazes or layers wax over photographs, photo transfers or meticulously renders subjects lost in a waxy fog. Andrea's uncommon painting techniques and personal style results in work that are intense, mysterious and ethereal.

Andrea paints what she enjoys most in nature, skylines, water, divers, surfers, trees and horses.

Nest Inspired Home in Rye, NY, a beautifully edited home shop, will feature Andrea’s work at an event they are sponsoring, along with Serendipity Magazine and Crop Organic Vodka  for the Westchester Children’s Museum.  Bets Miller, Wendy Williams, and Aly Drew of Rye, opened the home decor shop in November and have created a wonderful environment to sell home furnishings, accessories and art. I am thrilled, along with Andrea, to be participating in this event, along with Nest Inspired Home and the sponsors.

Here are a few of the paintings on display this week among the beautiful vignettes at  Nest Inspired Home.